CNet WiFi is here

It's time now to check your wifi devices. Can you search CNetWiFi ? Wow you found our wifi services !!! Just connect and enjoy our trial pack for free.No dongle, now wires, no installation charges just connect and enjoy seemless services. You can have instant access to your tables, laptops and smart phones.

Plan Amount Validity
CNet WiFi Trial Pack Free 7 Days/ 60 minutes
CNet WiFi 2GB Rs. 99/- Pack New Rs. 99/- 15 Days/ 2GB Data
CNet WiFi 4GB Rs.249/- Rs. 249/- One Month
CNet WiFi 10GB Rs.499/- Rs. 499/- One Month
CNet WiFi 25GB Rs.999/- Rs. 999/- One Month
CNet lease line service comes with a dedicated bandwidth as per customer requirement. Our lease line services has guranteed uptime of 98% and comes witha very flexible billing cycle as per the needs of the customer.

Customer can run its applications, can do video confrencing, can call from one office to another free over IP fones.

Call us for a feasibility analysis of your premises for lease line service.

Note : All pack comes with a one time maintenance charge which are non refundable and payble at the time of installation. Wireless equipments installed at the premises of customer are property of cyberTec solutions, they would be taken back if connection is surrengered. Plans can change without prior notice, information here is just for knowledge purpose. Other terms and conditions applicable as described in CAF filled by customer.
Plan Amount Validity
CNet One mbps Pack Rs. 1200/- One Month
CNet Two mbps Pack Rs. 2200/- One Month
CNet Four mbps Pack Rs. 4500/- One Month
Plan Amount Validity
CNet 512 kbps Corp Pack Rs. 1800/- One Month
CNet One MB Corp pack Rs. 2700/- One Month
CNet 2mbps Corp.Pack Rs. 3600/- One Month
CNet 4mbps Corp.Pack Rs. 5400/- One Month

Internet Services

CNet Wifi, Broadband and Lease line services are available in all major citis of Southern Haryana. We are constantly increasing the coverage area where our services is available.

For house hold users we are offering wifi and broadband services . For corporate users and educational users we provide crporate packs as well dedicated lease lines. We are offering our services in Rewari, Narnaul, Mahendergarh, Ateli, Bawal, Kanina, Kosli and the list goes on. See more detail regarding our broadband plans.

Unified Help

One help number to give you all help related to your internet problems.

Call : +91-1274-222585 for help and support.